Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Last night I dreamt that my two front teeth fell out! among some other bizarre situations. I have had similar dreams before and I know I am due for a visit to the dentist, but what deeper issues could I be battling here? FEAR? yes I have them all. According to my research dreaming of loosing teeth can mean many things-most of which apply to me right now.

Fear of Death and Growing Old
Think about when teeth fall out in waking life -- when children become adults and when adults begin aging. Therefore, losing teeth in dreams may be symbolic of fears of growing old or fears of death, and may occur when one is ill, nearing a milestone birthday, or preoccupied with mortality for some reason, such as during the death or illness of a loved one.

Symbol of Powerlessness
In many dreams of teeth falling out, the dream starts with just one tooth falling out followed by the rest. Dreamers often try to stop the teeth from coming out but to no avail. These dreams may signify a waking life situation that one feels powerless to change or stop.

Tooth Loss Dreams as Fear of Change
Fear of change is one of the top fears many people have and this fear is reflected in dreams of losing teeth. Given that waking life tooth loss is associated with transition, dreams of tooth loss may symbolize fear of change -- especially involuntary change such as a job loss or a failed relationship. Lost teeth can be symbols of a loss in life representing the fear accompanying the change.

Fear of Failure or Embarrassment
In waking life, people often cover their mouths when they are missing teeth, usually out of embarrassment. Dreams of losing teeth can mirror the same feelings of embarrassment. They might point to something one has done that one wants to ‘cover up’ for fear of embarrassment if found out. Alternatively, these dreams may indicate that there is something one wants to do but is afraid of doing for fear of the embarrassment of failure. It may be the psyche’s way of saying that there is something one wants to do but fears doing because of the embarrassment if one fails.

Poor Health and Financial Instability
Accidents and aging are two reasons teeth fall out. Improper nutritional is another. Teeth fall out when one’s health is not being properly looked after. In dream-speak, this may take the form of not being nourished spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally. Since nourishment is taken in through the mouth, losing teeth may also indicate fear of financial loss – the inability to put food on the table or in one’s mouth.

When one is abandoned one is involuntarily left behind, powerless to stop or remedy the situation. Feelings of abandonment can be likened to the feelings one experiences in tooth loss dreams. Feelings of abandonment may feel similar to the feeling of the hole left in the mouth in tooth loss dreams.

Loose Lips Sink Ships
Dreams of tooth loss can have yet another meaning. They may be warnings that one is revealing too much information with the lost teeth standing in for the secrets one is revealing. Alternatively, dreams of lost teeth can symbolize lies or being lied to by another.

sssooo...pretty much I am a broke ass, fearful, powerless, gossiping bitch who is scared of being abandoned and dying.

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