Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nico is girl crush status.

I have been listening to new music like crazy-in hopes of finding inspiration to sing and write, possibly. I have discovered Nico and I absolutely love her voice.


  1. i absolutely adore nico...
    have since i first heard her sing all tomorrows parties with velvet underground... it was on the v.u. box set i stole from that music store at pyramid mall when i was in 7th grade... (incidentally i was caught shoplifting at that same store about a week later)
    for me it's still all about these days on chelsea girl...
    particularly because of that scene in the royal tennenbaums when margot gets off the green line bus...

  2. haha I was caught shoplifting at the mall too, at least you were stealing cool stuff while I was stealing make-up! love that scene.