Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So I have been thinking about fashion a bit lately. I don't consider myself a fashionista- as I don't follow designers or like to spend much $ on clothes, but I can admit that fashion excites me. I have a always thought of fashion as a personal dilemma that balances what an individual is comfortable wearing, what they can afford, and if they are willing to do whatever the fuck they want regardless of what others think (for my 5 year old this includes wearing a mullet wig and Malcolm X type glasses around town). I also believe fashion doesn't care what size you are-it's about knowing what looks good on your body type. I wanted to make this post of fashion but had trouble knowing where to start because I don't watch television, look at magazines much, or keep up on the latest trends. So I compiled some photographs of women that I like or find interesting and they must shine through in their clothes, right?


  1. i love that sylvia plath is one of yer fashion icons.

  2. i think anyone can be in fashion if they follow magazines and tv.... style is about more than just fabric. its uncontainable, unpredictable. its about eyecatching personality, not necklines, waistlines, hemlines... ya know.