Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time keeps running away.

Okay, so I've been having tons of fun at my new blog on tumblr,
basically I have been posting photographs that inspire me. I enjoy being able to post photographs and not have to worry about accompanying words. I have only 8 days left of my break and although I have not done all that I'd hoped, I have just found a new state of mind that is both positive and introspective. One thing I have done is reach out to friends new and old- which kept most depression away during break. It did call a few times and on those days I remained warm and cozy in bed. I spent quite awhile making my bedroom the perfect chill spot-which is important in winter. It is a mix of vintage and modern and my bed is now the perfect place to lye, read, and catch the shy winter sun. I have been thinking o a lot about vintage interiors and those that are vintage inspired, I will post photos of my inspiration. Until then, family bowling calls!

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